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Filth and Foulness

Thursday, April 8, 2021 at 8:00 am to 10:00 pm
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Virtual 13th Interdisciplinary Colloquium from the College of Liberal Arts

Our relationship to filth is long, deep, and meandering. Unsanitary environments have contributed to epidemics such as the Bubonic Plague, and have similarly exacerbated misery in the sprawl of urbanization.

Though terms such as "filth" and "foulness" may carry overriding negative connotations, a compelling subset of cases equally suggest that the things which disgust us are not necessarily bad. When one considers the numerous books that have been banned or deemed immoral due to the metaphorical filth they contain, it becomes clear that their dirtiness is frequently symptomatic of innovation and the ability to push boundaries.

Whether symbolic or actualized, filth and foulness evidence complex and often fraught relationships within the world and ourselves. This colloquium aims to examine the myriad positive and negative connotations of filth, and how humanity can both thrive and suffer from these dynamic relationships.

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Dr. Alexandra Natoli
College of Liberal Arts


Alumni, Faculty / Staff, Students, Prospective Students, Community

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