Thursday, April 26

Final Exams

Final exams for the semester. For the daily exam schedule, visit the Registrar Website.

USI Men's Track & Field at Hillsdale "Gina" Relays

University of Southern Indiana Men's Track & Field at Hillsdale "Gina" Relays

USI Women's Track & Field at Hillsdale "Gina" Relays

University of Southern Indiana Women's Track & Field at Hillsdale "Gina" Relays

Rental Textbook Return/Buy-Back

Rental Textbooks are due back to the USI Campus Store by Friday, May 4, 2018 before 3 pm. Buy-Back in progress.

Lifelong Learning: The Art Of Influencing Others CLE560

This course teaches individuals who may not have the authority to direct, but need to learn how to influence others in an organization. Developing influence...

International Graduates Reception

An reception honoring USI's international student graduates. The annual Peace Ambassador Award and Outstanding International Graduate awards will be...

Student Government Association Meeting

The Student Government Association (SGA) represents and serves the students of USI in all matters concerning education and promotion of students' well-being....

Lifelong Learning: Yin Yoga  FIT383

Yin yoga is a meditative approach with a physical focus. As one ages flexibility in joints decreases and Yin yoga is a wonderful way to maintain that...

Psych Club End of Semester Celebration

Join us Thursday, April 26 @ 5:30 for a fun night of free food and mingling and take a break from studying! This event will be located in the basement of UC...

Lifelong Learning: Microsoft Excel 2016 Level IV  CIS501

In three sessions of Excel Level IV, you will work with Excel at an advanced project-based level. You will be able to create and edit a workbook with...

Lifelong Learning: Problem Solving & Decision Making Certificate  CER504

Problem solving and decision making are critical skills for employees in today’s workplace. The rapid pace of changes has placed a greater emphasis on the...

Thursday, April 26