Monday, August 20

Fall Classes Begin

Fall semester begins.

Schedule Revision and Late Registration Period

To alter your original schedule, students must follow the procedures published by the Registrar's Office. A late registration that takes place during the...

Welcome Tents

Keep an eye out for the USI Welcome Tents on campus during the first two days of classes! Stop by a tent if you need directions to a building or office, if...

Lifelong Learning: Introduction to Yoga

New to yoga or fallen out of practice? This class is the perfect way to ease into a yoga routine. Basic poses are taught and practiced. Poses are accessible...

Designed by Grace Call-out Rally

Designed by Grace Gospel Choir Call-out Rally. If you are wanting to join a choir please come by and learn more.

Eagle Experience: Meet your New Community- Campus Residents

Students living on campus in apartments will meet at the designated location for their area’s community meeting. Here you will meet the Residence Life staff,...

Monday, August 20