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he Counseling Center is committed to making the University of Southern Indiana a happy and healthy place for all of our students. You will often find us delivering presentations on mental health, bringing exciting and dynamic speakers to campus, moderating student panels, and coordinating various awareness campaigns.

Upcoming Events

Be Rested: Manage Your Time

We all need adequate sleep in order to repair our bodies, consolidate memories and be alert to accomplish important tasks. This presentation will introduce...

9/19 4pm
Wellness Workshop: Stress Management

One of the primary aims of this workshop is for students to better understand the origins of stress and how it impacts students’ overall well-being (e.g.,...

9/19 6pm
Wellness Workshop: Healthy Relationships

One of the primary aims of this workshop is to help students navigate their relationships (e.g., romantic, friendship, roommate), set boundaries and identify...

9/26 6pm
Wellness Workshop: Adjusting to the Peaks and Valleys of Life

Change is constant and life consists of highs and lows. The primary aim of this workshop is to help students understand how to cope with these ups and downs....

10/3 6pm
Let’s Have a Kiki

The counseling center will be hosting a Kiki once a month for LGBTQ+ students and allies to discuss identity, orientation, community and life on campus. So...

10/9 12:30pm

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